So Thankful for God’s Great Mercy to Us Through the Storms

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So thankful for God’s great mercy to us through the storms. I’m thinking a lot about blessing today and about how we are tempted to have First World Guilt over things to which we actually get accustomed to feeling entitled. When we lost water yesterday AFTER THE STORM, and power also for a couple hours, I was in a new fright that things could degenerate. In the middle of the night I shared my concerns with my Christian brother, Vijay in India, later realizing that I should pray not so much for clean, flowing water, but for a heart that would trust God with whatever He provided. And now today, feeling as if I am a terribly spoiled child, I am rejoicing, instead, over His Fatherly kindness in giving us flowing water and electricity with which to boil it to safety. Once I heard a woman on a talk show explain that she had been feeling guilty for having a nice city apartment and a job and chance to eat out in Chicago when she knew her mother back in her native South Africa was probably scrounging for ANYthing to make for supper on her crude stove. When she talked with her mom on the phone about that her mother rebuked her: “How dare you spit in God’s face that way?! YOU ENJOY with thanksgiving what He chooses to give you!!!” So I am enjoying my home, my patio, my guests, my washing machine, my dishwasher, my internet, my laptop, my status as empty nester, etc. etc. etc. with a heart overflowing with thanksgiving.


Deborah Melvin Beisner is the wife of Cornwall Alliance Founder and National Spokesman E. Calvin Beisner, mother of their seven children, grandmother of their eight grandchildren, a homemaker gifted with hospitality, and a portrait painter.

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