The Trump Effect: India’s Climate Juxtapose

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The leader of the world’s largest democracy met with President Trump this week. Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the first state guest to be hosted for a dinner with President Trump at the White House. Largely ignored by mainstream media, this state visit was of profound significance to the future of a billion people in India.

For Modi, the change of guard at the White House could only have meant a renewal of hope for his country’s ambitious energy goals. His correspondence with the president, during a week that the White House termed “Energy Week,” is no surprise.

The writing was on the wall—India wants to push its economic engine higher and stronger.

Central to India’s economic growth is its energy production, which faces opposition from the global climate alarmist movement. And this is where Modi has found a new friend in his US counterpart.

The mainstream media painted the two leaders as having major disagreements regarding the US pull-out from the Paris agreement. They even suggested that the climate-change issue would dominate the talks.

The media’s misconception comes from poor understanding of India’s commitment to the Paris agreement. The country’s binding Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) reveals that the country is free to safeguard itself from any major constraints on the development of conventional energy sources like coal….

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Vijay Jayaraj (M.S., Environmental Science) is the Research Associate for Developing Countries for the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation. He currently lives in Udumalpet, India.

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