The People the Elites Forgot

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The Presidential election is now over, and Donald Trump is president-elect of the United States of America.

As could be seen from watching the news last night, this outcome came as a complete surprise to everyone in the media, including Fox News and many pollsters, although apparently not to the gamblers who favored a Trump win. Fox News commentator, Tucker Carlson even said they completely discounted all the people unwilling to admit they were voting for Trump, but who, in the end, went in to the ballot box, and voted Republican.

But the people that they all forgot, except the Trump Campaign, are the blue collar industrial workers who typically vote democrat, yet who turned Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan red.


Because of The Obama Administration’s, and Hillary Clinton’s, opposition to fossil fuels, and their support of job killing EPA regulations (both directly in fossil fuel jobs, and in industrial jobs relying on affordable energy, and in the various support jobs that keep a community going). Pennsylvania has strong reserves of coal and natural gas. The Marcellus Shale Formation is rejuvenating economically impoverished areas in PA—an economic revival that could also happen across the state line in New York, but won’t due to significantly stronger regulations.

West Virginia is dying because of the destruction of the coal industry, and these other states see that, and are already hurting, hurting so badly that states considered in “The Blue Wall” not only cracked, but shattered.

The democrats, in their elitism, destroyed their own base.

The destruction of the West Virginian economy is shown in a heartbreaking new documentary called Collateral Damageshowing the impact of EPA regulations on individuals, the economy, and education.

This election was about many things (the economy, healthcare, elitism, and globalism), but one thing that must be recognized is that it was a referendum on the EPA, radical regulations, and the human-caused global warming/climate change stupidity. There are  many arguments against catastrophic human-caused global warming, but that’s beside the point at the moment. What matters right now is that the American people have had enough and blue-collar industrial workers most of all.

Megan is the Director of Communications for the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, and Editor of You can follow her on Twitter @MeganToombs.



      The best part…

      “The democrats, in their elitism, destroyed their own base.”

      They disrespected and discarded those they deemed not to know better (liek their enlightened “masters”) in pursuit of a fantasy ….oops. How’d that work for you?

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