Gore Blames Global Warming for Wildfire, Serial Arsonist Charged

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As a forest fire burns miles of land, and leaves many families homeless, Al Gore has claimed it’s all due to global warming.

Apparently he didn’t get the notice that it is in fact due to human causes, but not the cause he so adamantly promotes.

The arsonist, Damian Pashilk, was arrested yesterday, and arraigned on 17 counts of arson.

He is estimated to have cost $10 million in damage so far, and with high temperatures and no rain in sight, that amount could rise. Thankfully so far no one has lost their life, but the loss of things like pictures and family heirlooms are irreplaceable.

And again, one more claim by the alarmists is disproven.

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    You ought to test drive your articles for sharing. On both Twitter and Facebook my share required extensive editing. On Twitter, the “raw” share was 51 characters over, while on Facebook I needed to de-capitalize extensively.

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    Arson can cause a global temperature increase, especially in the immediate vicinity.

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