Review: Mere Environmentalism: A Biblical Perspective on Humans and the Natural World

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Mere Environmentalism, by Steven F. Hayward, is packed with a surprising amount of information about the broad subject of environmentalism, and includes information on the best way for Bible believing Christians to interact with it. There is more to be learned from a casual reading of this little book than from the majority of textbooks on the same subject.

This book is more than just a collection of facts and figures. Hayward presents each point in a short essay that clearly explains the idea, and gives the reader something to mentally chew on.

Hayward issues an encouraging, albeit blunt, charge to believers when he states that “Christians who confront environmental issues can make a significant contribution to progress in solving ecological problems.”

What are the origins of the modern environmental movement?

In what ways does that movement deviate from a worldview based on the word of God?

And how does it conform to the word of God?

How does economics, helping the poor, and caring for our natural world fit together?

These are just some of the pertinent questions that Hayward asks—focusing our attention on the foundational problems of a proper environmental ethic.

Hayward concludes by observing that “being more thoughtful through the perspective of faith is an important action step in our age—maybe the most important action of all.” Christians have a moral responsibility to be thoughtful stewards of the environment and not heedlessly acquiesce to current environmental fads.

For those interested in knowing what to believe about the true nature of the modern environmental movement, and how to respond to it, this book will prove invaluable.

Grace Wiegman is an intern with Earth Rising Blog. Environmental issues caught her attention in college, and she enjoyed learning about the current topics, and the different viewpoints involved.

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