Book Review: Social Justice: How Good Intentions Undermine Justice and Gospel

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Justice is a hot topic in today’s culture. People are very interested in determining whether justice is being properly and faithfully carried out. It is a common interest across cultures, and generates a huge amount of discussion about who receives it, how it is applied, when it is subverted, and what exactly “justice” means.

Why is it so important that people want justice and can it really be effectively applied across a broad landscape such as America?

Is it possible to have impartial justice?

What part does Christianity play in the softening or stiffening of justice?

Questions like these are needing to be answered in a time when the public is bombarded with pleas for action to help the ‘poor.’

Dr. E. Calvin Beisner carefully explains in Social Justice: How Good Intentions Undermine Justice and Gospel how justice is a multifaceted concept that unites “impartiality, rendering what is due, proportionality, and conformity with the standard of God’s law.” And although social justice may seem to fit the Christian idea of grace, it is not “justice” and soon takes on a tyranny all its own if not balanced by Biblical thinking.

In a clear, succinct way Dr. Beisner helps the reader answer tough questions and think critically through the booklet, showing that justice is first of all a Biblical idea and that it has repercussions for all of society, not just the areas that garner public attention. For a short but thought provoking explanation of justice and its implications Social Justice is an excellent resource.

Grace Wiegman is an intern with Earth Rising Blog. Environmental issues caught her attention in college, and she enjoyed learning about the current topics, and the different viewpoints involved.

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