Review: BLUE: A Biblical Perspective on Humans and the Natural World

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How well do you really know the Green movement?

Are the political environmentalist groups working for the benefit of common people or are their motives geared more towards profiting a small class?

Is the ideology of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) scientists more sinister than the façade of saving the planet that usually surrounds it?

To answer these questions, Director J.D. King takes you on a journey to discover the true nature of modern environmentalism, and shows the movement’s political and moral underpinnings.

This riveting account of how fear has been wielded by power-hungry environmentalists to further the destruction of human development is chilling in the extreme. The film features interviews with prominent scientific skeptics of CAGW, and citizens who have been affected by alarmist regulations.

King interviews such distinguished guests as Lord Christopher Monckton, E. Calvin Beisner, Ph.D, Robert Zubrin, Ph.D, and Vishal Mangalwadi. They expound on the dangers of radical environmentalism, and how it has hijacked science to gain political power.

Some chapter headings include:

Is Green Best?

Green vs. Human Progress

The Triumph of Development

The Dam Situation

What’s Agenda 21?

Infinite Resources & Whale Oil

Green is the New Red

War of Worldviews

Ideas have consequences and the ideas which King exposes in this outstanding film will leave you with the desire to take a stand for truth and liberty. BLUE is the new Green: Beautify. Liberate. Utilize. Enjoy.

Grace Wiegman is an intern with Earth Rising Blog. Environmental issues caught her attention in college, and she enjoyed learning about the current topics, and the different viewpoints involved.

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