Hitler Youth and Orwell’s Child Spies: It’s Happening Again…Sort of

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Youths across US are suing states, federal government to force action against climate change,” proclaims a headline from U.S. News and World Report. The author continues, “dozens of young people want a say in the planet’s future, so minors nationwide have been suing states and the federal government in recent years to push action on climate change.”

Apparently these kids have been convinced that their future is at stake and they must force the adults to protect the planet, because sniff sniff adults are too evil, stupid, selfish, hateful, careless, money grubbing, etc. etc. to protect their children’s future without being forced.


Pause and ponder for just a minute the ridiculousness of this whole story.

But maybe “ridiculous” isn’t the right word, maybe “scary” is, or “horrifying.” These are the perfect words for anyone who can take the long view and remember the historical precedent for this type of stupidity, the Hitler Youth.

Hitler in his evil genius knew full well that children are impressionable and easily brainwashed. So he created a system in which the boys were drowned in propaganda, trained to be soldiers, and killers in the Gestapo and death camps, and completely willing to die for Hitler and Nazi Germany. The girls were also inundated with ideology, even more so than the boys, and trained to be submissive to the Fatherland, turn in friends and family who didn’t believe in the religion of Nazism, and breed more children to be brainwashed into National Socialism. They were real-life examples of the Parson’s children in George Orwell’s 1984. Parents were afraid of their children, with some children turning in their own parents to the authorities, resulting in those parents’ being sent to concentration camps.

I am not claiming that these kids are exact duplicates of Nazi Youth by any stretch of the imagination. And I’m betting these kids’ parents are environmental activists themselves. But they are good examples of indoctrination and the type of behavior to be expected from that indoctrination. Blind belief, with no basis in fact, and a desire to force others into that belief system is scary. It scares me, it should scare you.

Find out what your kids are learning in school. Many environmental resources for children suggest that they attempt to modify the behavior of parents. Yes, even the NASA website for kids on climate change encourages kids to change their parents’ behavior.

As to the content of these children’s beliefs—that humanity is destroying the earth, doom and destruction, apocalypse and Armageddon, blah blah—many of the predictions of past years have failed. The oceans have not swamped Florida, the East Coast, or the West Coast. The climate models have been proven wrong, they don’t even show current conditions accurately. There has been no global warming in over 18 years, etc. etc. To learn more I suggest you watch these videos, skim the issues section of this website, and sign the petition, Forget ‘Climate Change’, Energy Empowers the Poor!

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