The Dastardly Food that is Ruining the Planet…the Pumpkin

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Apparently pumpkins are destroying the planet, which means by carving them you and your children are complicit in that destruction.

Do you feel terribly guilty now? Do you think your kids will feel guilty when their teachers tell them they are hurting “Mother Earth” by carving pumpkins every year?

Yes, yes, they will.

The Washington Times published an article yesterday explaining how the Energy Department is working on a plan to use pumpkins as biofuel to keep them from producing methane in a landfill. Ok, fine, if they can do that cheaply, more power to them—and to energy consumers.  Better turned to energy than landfilled, if it’s really efficient (though I would want to see some data on that).

Is this one more example of fearmongering? Yes. Is it one more example of special interest groups attempting to get funding for their projects using the boogey man of global warming? Most likely. Should we be scared? Absolutely not.

My pumpkin is out front with a candle in it every night, and it will be until November 1st, when it will make its way to its final resting place in the landfill. It will decompose into rich soil that a plant can then use to grow. I feel no guilt, and neither should you.

I would love to hear your pumpkin carving stories (and pictures!), or any stories you have about your kids’ teachers’ claiming pumpkins (or other things) are bad for the planet.

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