Movie Review: Carbon Nation

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I’ll begin a series of mainstream environmental documentary reviews with a film recently brought to my attention, Carbon Nation. It was directed by Peter Byck, released in 2011, and distributed by Warner Bros.

Before the film even starts a cartoon plays that lays the foundation the film is built upon. The cartoon explains the popular notion of how a man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) increase will eventually cause catastrophic weather events—floods, droughts, etc.

But to my surprise, somewhere in the middle of this typical climate belief statement the cartoon actually acknowledged one major benefit of CO2—plants (and all life on earth for that matter) need it to survive! Although the film didn’t dive into this important facet of CO2 enough at least it mentioned it as “one of life’s basic building blocks.” Not many global warming alarmists still do.

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That being said there were some freakishly large cracks in the foundation you can’t help but notice. And it is these very cracks that so-called “climate change skeptics” rightly recognize as troubling and that are really and truly the “alarming” part of the whole catastrophic climate change theory.

  1. No Real Data. Not a single hard, numerical fact was given in the cartoon prelude. Just theory.
  2. Misleading information. While CO2 is a greenhouse gas, the film’s introduction made it sound like it is the one and only greenhouse gas. The truth is there are many.
  3. Ignored all other climate factors. Not a word was said about other things that can affect weather, like cloud coverage, ocean currents, or even the sun.

Then right after the cartoon is over the narrator explains how the planet Venus is much hotter than Earth and has higher CO2. Since the industrial revolution, CO2 has been increasing and if things continue on the same path, the film says, then life-supporting Earth will turn into a hellishly hot deathscape— like Venus. Presto! It’s that easy.

Mmm…Not quite. This is a primo example the logical fallacy of faulty comparison. What we need to make a proper judgement is hard data, but the film gives us none. How about a correlation of CO2 and temperature, pre and post industrial revolution? That could give us a clue (I’ll get into this in my next post).

And that’s just the thing with the whole global warming hypothesis: If we all would just blur our eyes a little and not scrutinize too much it would actually be a nice and simple and cute little theory. And a convenient theory, I might add. As global egalitarian leaders looking to redistribute wealth, it’s a perfect excuse to do so. As mega energy companies seeking billions in funding for “Green” energy, it’s a perfect way to get it.

As one Socialist/Marxist/Collectivist put it,

“No matter if the science of global warming is all phony…climate change [provides] the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.”


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