Rhetoric Heats Up As Obama Pushes Towards Paris

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President Obama ramped up his climate rhetoric during meetings in Alaska, while attempting a major PR coup with Alaskans by returning the nation’s tallest mountain to its Native American name—Denali.

The president met in Alaska with the leaders of the Arctic Council for the signing of “a joint statement in Anchorage that called climate change a ‘grave’ challenge, while affirming their commitment to reaching a global deal on cutting greenhouse gas emissions in Paris in December.”

The document was signed by the eight members of the Arctic council plus the leaders of twelve countries who have “permanent observer” status. Not surprisingly, China and India abstained from signing the document, continuing their commitment to refuse any policy that hurts their people’s chance of rising out of poverty.

The president’s speech is an interesting conglomeration of arguments—including the argument that the future will be better for the children,

“And let’s remember, even beyond the climate benefits of pursuing cleaner energy sources and more resilient, energy-efficient ways of living, the byproduct of it is, is that we also make our air cleaner and safer for our children to breathe.”

That statement brings to mind this cartoon that’s been making the rounds on social media.

what if we create a better world for nothing

No offense, Mr. President, but really?

President Obama, and the climate change cadre of doom, want us to take their word on it, against mountains of evidence, that we are destroying the environment, and that climate change is going to cause terrible damage in the near future. But the facts don’t back up their arguments, so all they have left is rhetoric—which reminds me of the old law adage, if you have the facts on your side, pound the facts, if you have the law on your side, pound the law, and if you have neither, pound the table. In other words, the more loudly and emphatically an argument is given, the more people listen, even if it’s wrong.

Stay tuned for a series refuting the idea that the world alarmists wish to create is better. Enforcing policies that keep millions of people in life-killing poverty is not a better world.

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And here is the first article in the promised series: “What if we Create a Better World for Nothing Part 1: The Environmental Myth Of Green Energy Independence.”

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