Attacked by a Polar Bear? Here’s a Fine!

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Jakub Moravec is one of very few people to experience a polar bear attack and live to tell about it. “It went straight to my head. Luckily my colleague shot it,” he informed local radio shortly after the incident in March. The tourists were camping and asleep in their tent when the polar bear ripped its way inside and started chewing on Moravec.

But news just came ’round that Moravec’s group will be fined £800 because “They had not put in place the necessary safeguards. There was only one tripwire that was set too high and the bear went under it. Nor did they have a polar bear watch at the time.” Talk about rubbing salt into the wound. Not only do you narrowly escape with your life but you get fined for it!

Maybe if they had someone on duty who could see in the dark or if they would have had a better “trip wire” set up the attack would have been avoided. But maybe not. Either way I hope never to find myself in that situation with a hungry polar bear in my tent!

I do think the fine was too much, though. The campers did make an effort to prevent the attack with the trip wire, but the bear ducked it.

Reuters further reported, “A bear killed a British teenager on Svalbard in 2011, the most recent fatality. On average, three bears a year are shot in self-defense by people on Svalbard.”

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