Dear Mom

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Dear Mom,

Hello! I hope you are doing ok 🙂 I don’t have much time but I wanted to tell you about my week.

I am sure you NEVER thought I could experience what I have this week, but I can assure you I have! And, while I would like to think I am the only daughter who has ever done what I have done in such a short time, I know there are many others.

In the past week I have visited historic Boston, beautiful San Francisco, bustling Los Angeles, and tropical Miami. Next week I will be in New York and Charleston!

Please tell Grandma and Grandpa I love them and thank them for the time we would have shared this week had I been home.

I love you, Mom!


P.S. I feel a little dishonest 😛 I guess I should say my eyes went to Boston, my lungs went to San Francisco, my brain went to Miami, and my pancreas and spleen will be going to New York and Charleston. But at least I got to go! And the best part is that is was all free……paid for by the good people at Planned Parenthood who told you not to worry, that they would take care of everything. Well, they did more than you even knew 🙂


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