Oh the Irony: Global Warming Alarmists and Ice

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Even those who pay zero attention to the global warming/climate change/climate disruption/we’re all going to die debate, heard about the climate alarmist scientists who got stuck in the Antarctic ice during Christmas 2013 as they attempted to prove that the ice was melting.

What made the situation more hilarious was the multiple failed attempts at rescuing them (including getting another ship stuck in the ice) and the Polar Vortex that, at the time, was causing record cold temperatures in the U.S. There are a number of witty articles written about the “Ship of Fools” as it became known. For more info (and a good laugh) click here, and here.

The rescue was an international affair with attempts by a Chinese, French, and Australian ship to reach the trapped scientists. Ultimately the Chinese used a helicopter to airlift the passengers to the Australian ship leaving the stuck Russian crew to wait until the ice broke up enough for them to go free. Reports later came out that the scientists ignored evacuation orders while they were away from the ship, wasting precious time, and ultimately resulting in their dangerous, and ridiculed ordeal.

One would think this debacle would stop the nonsense, but it didn’t.

Last week the European Space Agency released information that Arctic ice increased thirty-three percent in 2013-2014. Around the same time a group of “Canadian scientists studying the effect of climate change on Arctic ice from an icebreaker had to suspend their research, when their vessel was called to the aid of other ships trapped in the thickest summer ice seen in Hudson Bay for 20 years.”

Oh the irony.

For an interesting and humorous list of ice related debacles, read this article from Christopher Booker over at The Telegraph.

For a good laugh, here are some of the cartoons that came out about the “Ship of Fools.”

arctic ice 1arctic ice 8arctic ice 5artic ice 2arctic ice 4





arctic ice 7

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  1. I think it would be fair to say that the love for science has been taken over by the love for an agenda (however non-scientific it might be).

  2. adsheadchristopher@gmail.com'

    ‘Oh there’s snow in the coldest parts of Earth, therefore climate change isn’t real.’

    Laughable, but when you find out that the Cornwall Alliance has ties to organisations funded by Exxonmobile, you realise that they have their own political agenda.

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