“Shoot Republicans to Save Animals and Environment”

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Roland Windsor Vincent, a former staffer for President Jimmy Carter has claimed, “to protect the animals and the environment, Republicans should be shot. ”

He is being facetious of course…sort of…but not really.

He also includes with Republicans, capitalists, as well as “conservative and centrist parties around the globe.” (Warning, the link to the original blog article includes a disgusting picture of a dead pig; sensitive or young readers beware).

The blog post was published on a blog called “Armory of the Revolution,” and reads like a diatribe of stupidity laced with genocide.

The main points of Mr. Roland Windsor Vincent’s arguments include:

  • big banks, business, agriculture, energy, any corporations, and anything else large (and most likely successful) are bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad.
  • Animals must be protected, and anyone who eats them is “expendable.” (Mr. Vincent is suggesting genocide of most of the world’s population!)
  • Animal Terrorists are even worse than those who eat meat (That’s people who support ranchers and animal farmers, as well as those who tend to wild animals, which includes culling too large herds).

But, have no fear, they (the activists) won’t kill people because,

“If we were to start shooting Republicans, we would likely not harm a single friend of animals or the environment. Of course, such a course of action would be inadvisable. It would land us in prison and galvanize public opinion against the movement.

But you get the point. Republicans and conservatives are the enemy. They are expendable. The will be targets in the Revolution when it comes” (sic).

Hmmmm, “The Revolution.” Right. He is a socialist too.

He goes on,

“I mention Republicans and conservatives, but the enemy is all in the human race who do not care.

In my view, the animals need a massive depopulation of the human race.

It may come in revolution, in climate disasters, in pandemics. But it must come.

The Earth cannot survive the human race, which for all practical purposes is a parasitic life form which annihilates other species, pollutes the air and oceans, and is responsible for climate change and the next mass extinction of hundreds of thousands of species.

If it were up to me, we’d start by eliminating Republicans.”

How anyone can take this man seriously is beyond me, but what is sad, and disturbing, is that there are many people who do swallow this lie hook, line, and sinker.

Stay tuned for a series on the benefits of humans stewardship of the planet. It’s time to begin to roll back the lies.

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