Climate Change as Dangerous as Nuclear War

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“Ummm what!?”

That was my response when I read the headline of this Guardian article, “Climate change threat must be taken as seriously as nuclear war – UK minister.”

There are so many problems with this statement I hardly know where to start. One of the many problems with this claim is the comparison of two completely different things.

Nuclear war is an immediate disaster that could kill millions of people in a heartbeat. It requires launch codes, technical capability, and X number of people agreeing to do it.

Climate change, on the other hand, is not an immediate action taken by a few people.

Natural climate change happens over a long period of time allowing for adaptation.

Human-caused apocalyptic climate change is a highly contentious political issue, with thousands of scientists who claim it is not happening. There has been no global warming in over 18 years, the seas are not rising, the polar bears are not dying.

Nuclear war and climate change are not the same thing, to claim so is hyperbolic at best.

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    I don’t think those people currently losing their homes in mid west flooding are doubting that something bad is starting to happen.

    1. Hi Louis, thanks for your comment. Is there any evidence that the flooding you refer to in the mid-west is caused by man-made climate change? Floods have been flooding for all of history.

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