How do you Build a House in Two Days? A Robot!

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Remember in the old days an entire community would get together and build a barn? They called it a “barn raising.” You see, everyone needed a barn back then but it was a very costly and time-consuming endeavor. The solution? A raise-the-barn party! The whole community would show up at your place and help you build a barn with no expectations of getting paid. It was all volunteer labor. Pretty cool, no?

Well now, thanks to an invention by Mark Pivac, founder of Fastbrick Robotics, it will take just two days and ZERO people to build a barn—or a house. All you need is “Hadrian.” Named after the famous Roman defensive wall of antiquity, Hadrian the bricklaying robot can lay up to 1000 bricks per hour! It can work around the clock and has “the potential to erect 150 homes a year.


Pretty remarkable! This is what I think is a good example of the God-given dominion mankind has over the rest of the created order. We possess a rational, creative mind. This is part of the “image of God” that people were created with. Of course, there is such a thing as a reckless, destructive, abusive dominion over the earth. But there is also good, or godly, dominion. But either way, nobody can escape the fact that mankind has dominion!

What do you think about the bricklayer? Is it good or bad dominion? What do you think will happen to the men and women who are bricklayers? Will they lose their jobs in the same way that the switchboard operators or paper boys lost their jobs? Do you think if Hadrian robots go into massive global production the world will be better or worse off?

These are fascinating questions! In a future post I’ll discuss the economics and the pros and cons of inventions throughout the centuries.

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