Pope Francis Allies Himself with Those Who Have No Respect for Christianity or the Catholic Church

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Brazilian climate group Observatório do Clima released a video backing Pope Francis in his support for climate alarmism. Sadly for Pope Francis, the video only emphasizes his poor choice in advisers and friends. Pope Francis has surrounded himself with climate alarmists. They are people who support abortion in all its forms, and who do not support many of the Catholic Church’s basic teachings.

Jeffrey Sachs, of U.N. Millenium Goal fame, and one of Pope Francis’ U.N. advisers, explained in an op-ed recently that when the Pope comes to the U.S. he will find a country,

 “…in thrall to a different idea—that of the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The urgent core of Francis’ message, which is the message of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, challenges this American idea by proclaiming that the path to happiness lies not solely or mainly through the defense of rights but through the exercise of virtues, most notably justice and charity.”

Jeffrey Sachs is claiming that Pope Francis disapproves of the notion of God-given rights, and supports something that smacks heavily of a socialist agenda. You can read the full op-ed here.

The Observatório do Clima video proves a complete lack of understanding of the Catholic Church as Pope Francis is portrayed as a climate saving Chuck Norris, and Jesus is shown as his glorified water boy/cheerleader.

This is an incredibly sacrilegious creation, that should be a huge embarrassment for the Vatican.  It in no way appeals to people of Christian faith be they Catholic, or Protestant. I hope Pope Francis and the Vatican condemns this in the strongest possible terms, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

If you want to see a video that respectfully makes a point, and tells the truth at the same time, watch this video from the Energy and Environment Legal Institute.


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